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The world never ends with a bang. Instead, she crumbles. 
It’s been three days since you found a crack in your wallpaper. 
As you touched it, the edges softly fell apart under your touch like ash and soot. 
Something in you didn’t feel right. 
Something in you knew. 

Gentle Storms is a game about the world and her end. It is also about you, you and the person next to you. You have realized the world isn’t right, turning to ash as you wander through it. 

As it starts to slowly disintegrate around you, you’ve received a message. On the other side of the city, someone is waiting for you. This is a game about your ending, and your journey to find each other in this end. 


Gentle Storms is a TTRPG game best played with 2 to 4 players and a GM. It is highly suitable for online play and streaming, and draws heavily on themes of melancholia, hope and the mechanic of secret in-game communication. 


Gentle Storms V1.pdf 5 MB

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